Lincoln City Council: Allotment Strategy

This is where we will make available documents relating to the Allotment Strategy being formulated by Lincoln City Council and try to keep you informed of relevant events.

The report commissioned by the City Council is below and we have been asked to make it clear that this is not City Council policy but it has been used to inform the Council’s Allotment Strategy.  We would also wish to point out that all costings are out of date.

Lincoln City Council’s Draught Allotment Strategy
The Strategic Plan for the City’s allotment strategy is below.  The following is a quotation from the accompanying letter:

“……..  the draft plan is an aspirational one, and inclusion in the plan of elements does not in itself mean that they will be delivered. This is something that we will need to discuss with partners, but provided that this is understood, then the adoption of such a plan does provide some clear aims, and act as the basis on which to exploit opportunities in the future”


Rumours of evictions from sites and the development of sites have been circulating – all have so far proved groundless.  An element which has undoubtedly contributed to these rumours is a map from the Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee, dated April 2013 and titled “Sites being considered for development through the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan process”.  Below is the map for the Carholme Ward.  Different people have placed various interpretations on this map and this process.  What is undoubtedly true is that Ric Metcalfe is chair of the group for the next year (source “Your Lincoln” Summer 2013) and that we can find out more by attending a meeting at City Hall in Lincoln on Thursday, August 8 between 6pm and 8pm (not Thursday, August 6 as stated in “Your Lincoln”).  Alan Shuck and Ann Knight will be attending, so we may see you there!

It is helpful to the NLHS Committee to hear any rumours which are circulating, so we are grateful to anyone who brings such rumours to our attention.  Depending on your default viewpoint, we can either track and defuse any rumours before they become embedded as fact, or we can ensure that we are aware of any actions that are in fact being taken.

Other papers and links:
Below is the paper on the Allotment Strategy submitted to the Policy Scrutiny Committee.
The Web link is to the Lincolnite page which has an article with further maps and comments on the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan process