Jobs for the month: May

Planting and sowing outdoors can begin in earnest. Still a small chance of a late frost up to the second week in May.

Before sowing outdoors ensure the soil is warm enough, if too cold seeds will not germinate. Consider succession sowing thereby increasing chances of success. Continue to inspect vegetables and fruit for pests and diseases – if spotted take early action. Watch out for slugs and snails.

This month’s saying: ‘March winds and April’s showers bring forth May flowers.’

Seeds to be sown – outdoorsFruit
Once the possibility of Frost
has past – see above.
Pumpkins, Squash, Carrots,
Kohl Rabi, Cabbages, Leeks,
Cauliflower, Turnips, Swede,
Runner Beans, French Beans,
Peas, Salad Leaves and Lettuce,
Sweet Corn and Herbs, Radish,
Spring Onions.
Inspect one’s fruit trees: Fruit trees do not thrive on neglect and need to be checked over on a regular basis. Many problems begin small and if left unchecked can very soon become damaging. Nutrient deficient plants are often easily noticeable as are pests e.g aphids, birds etc and finally, diseases, if left, can very quickly spread to other fruit trees with devastating results. A good strong, healthy tree is the best protection against many diseases.
Bare rooted: May is too late for planting bare rooted trees only pot grown.
Protect: Continue to protect fruit blossom against late frosts.
Pruning: Remove unwanted raspberry canes, thin out gooseberries, thin out leaders and side shoots on trained fruit trees.
Seeds to be Sown – IndoorsPlanting OutHarvestActivity
Courgette, Sweet Corn, Squash,
Pumpkins. Late cabbage,
Cauliflower, Chillies, Peppers,
successional beans (French, Runner and Broad)
Indoor grown Brassicas, Peas.
Tomatoes in poly-tunnel or
Rhubarb, early brassicas, lettuce and salad leavesThin out seedling, earth up
potatoes, erect supports for
peas and beans, keep on top of