Watering on allotments

Members of the NLHS and allotment holders are reminded of the need to conserve water at all times.  Under the terms of one’s tenancy agreement hosepipes are allowed on a temporary basis .

However, under NO  circumstances are sprinklers allowed with the risk that one’s plot tenancy being terminated.  Plot holders should consider other plot users when using hosepipes.  
Your allotment agreement regarding the use of hosepipes and sprinklers is as follows:


Hosepipes can be used on allotment sites but we ask that you use these in a considerate manner. Sprinklers are not permitted.

You can:

  • Run a temporary hosepipe from the main tap to your plot
  • Use the hosepipe for hand watering 

As long as you:

  • Make sure your hosepipe does not have any holes or leaks
  • Respect that it is a shared water supply
  • Don’t not leave the hosepipe connected for long periods of time, when you leave your plot or overnight
  • Store your hosepipe neatly on your plot when it’s not being used
  • Do not cause a hazard or obstruction
  • Turn off all taps before leaving the plot
  • Do not connect any permanent piping to a tap or mains pipe

If you fail to abide by these rules your at risk your plot tenancy being terminated.